Here’s the deal in easy language:

  1. Importance of Keywords: Keywords are the words and phrases people type into search engines when looking for stuff. So, if you want your page to show up when they search, you need to use the right keywords.
  2. Best Practices for Keyword Placement:
    • Title Tag: Your main keyword should be in the title of your page, usually near the beginning.
    • Heading Tags: Use your keyword in the main heading (H1 tag) and other headings (H2, H3, etc.) if it makes sense.
    • Content: Sprinkle your keyword naturally throughout your content. Don’t overdo it; make it read smoothly.
    • URL: If possible, include your keyword in the web address (URL) of your page.
    • Image Alt Text: When you use images, describe them with your keyword in the alt text.
    • Meta Description: Your keyword should appear in the meta description, the snippet that appears in search results.

Remember, don’t stuff your content with keywords. Google is smart and values natural, helpful content more. Think about what your audience wants, and use keywords to guide them to your awesome stuff!

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