What is the best free alternative to Semrush Pro?

Semrush are the coaches that help them run faster. Semrush Pro is one of the top coaches, but it can be expensive. So, if you’re looking for a free coach (tool) that can help you in this race, here are some great alternatives:

  1. Ubersuggest: This tool is created by a famous marketer named Neil Patel. It helps you find keywords, see how difficult they are to rank for, and even spy on your competitors. Resource Link
  2. Moz Free Tools: Moz is another big name in the SEO world. They offer some free tools that can help you understand your website’s SEO health and find opportunities to improve. Resource Link
  3. Google Search Console: This is a tool from Google itself. It shows you how your website is performing in Google’s search results, which pages are getting the most clicks, and if there are any issues you need to fix. Resource Link
  4. Answer The Public: This is a fun tool that shows you what questions people are asking about a particular topic. It’s great for finding content ideas and understanding what your audience wants to know. Resource Link

Remember, while these tools are free, sometimes they might have limitations compared to their paid versions. But they’re a great starting point for anyone new to SEO!

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