Here’s a simple way:

  1. Manual Check:
    • Visit the page where you’ve created the backlink.
    • Look for your link to ensure it’s live.
    • Ensure it’s not in a “nofollow” attribute, as these don’t contribute much to SEO.
  2. Browser Inspect:
    • Right-click on the link and select “Inspect” in your browser.
    • Check if the HTML code includes your link.
  3. Backlink Checker Tools:
    • Use online tools like Ahrefs, Moz, or SEMrush.
    • Enter your website URL to see a list of backlinks.
    • These tools often provide information about the status of the link.
  4. Google Search Console:
    • If you’ve submitted your site to Google Search Console, it can show your backlinks.
    • Monitor the “Links” section to see if your backlinks are recognized.

Remember, it may take some time for search engines to index and recognize new backlinks. Be patient, and regularly monitor your backlinks for any changes.

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